International Forum - Association for the development and dissemination of the professional audiovisual culture, was founded in Rome in 1986 by President Lampo Calenda. On the basis of his national and international experiences in training area and institutional context, he decided to operate “glocally”, in the Aniene Valley. The association has the merit to introduce in Europe the Anglo-Saxon know-how on writing and evaluating screenplays for cinema and television.


The principles, techniques and working methodologies used for writing, editing and evaluating screenplays, which are the basis of the worldwide success of the audiovisual products of the US industry, have been explained and made available to an audience of specialists and of emerging young people, through highly structured and empathically designed intensive workshops in order to "immerse" the participants in the subject of the Stories, to give awareness and control of the dramaturgical form to the authors (writers and directors, moved by intuitions, impulses and creative urgencies) and to provide, at the same time, instruments of knowledge about the story and the dramaturgical qualities of a Screenplay; instruments that help, often with the support of Story Analysts, Producers and Decision makers, to make informed choices in business and / or financial activity.