The LUCE DEI LUCRETILI project consists in the creation of a multimedia library with a wide thematic range, a focus on Cinema, Art, Literature and Nature and a vocation for storytelling and development of audiovisual projects, especially the Documentary genre.

The Library is flanked by a digital audiovisual production workshop and a video library of over 1,000 author and genre film titles. At the invitation of the late mayor Massimiliano Meriggioli, in 2012 the association established the headquarters of the Library in Percile, a municipality of the Regional Park.

In the setting of Palazzo Borghese, it is now possible to consult the more than 7,000 volumes and magazines of cinema, television, new media, photography, art, architecture, as well as catalogs of the main film festivals, art and photography exhibitions.



Percile, country of Lagustelli.

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The small village at 575 meters above sea level

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The old stone houses that overlook the valley

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Iori Palace

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Sant'Anatolia Church