The project aims to make the Library, with an adjoining video library and audiovisual and multimedia production Atelier, accessible to students and enthusiasts from the municipalities of the Aniene Valley, as well as to participants in the Association's training and cultural activities, aimed at disabled people too, with the use of latest generation technologies.


The thematic collections focus on general topics (customs, art, cultural heritage, history, Risorgimento, travel and social and economic geography, the Grand Tour, nature and environment, Italian and other countries literature, theater, essays by great italian journalists) selected from an audiovisual design point of view, both for the originality of the content and for the visual and iconographic apparatus. At the end of the cataloging, the Library will become part of the library system of the University La Sapienza - Regional Pole which is included in the National Library System.


The ambition of the project is to create a center of excellence for the training and updating of image professionals - primarily documentary makers and photographers with a "marked sensitivity for nature and the environment" - to stimulate a debate on the role of nature and the environment and its media representation, in relation to the life of contemporary man and the new generations, and finally to contribute, in the role of "independent agency", to disseminating Media Education programs in Italian school, as required by European Union, Unesco and Italian law.


The project provides for a three-year development plan, with a total investment of 580,000 euros, to complete the cataloging and digitization of the Association's book and documentary heritage, for the multimedia audiovisual Atelier, and finally for the management and the promotion of cultural, social and educational activities.


The Association has carried out an intense and meritorious activity in the international press in 7 countries of the European Union and in Israel and is now being relaunched, in a glocal dimension, with the LUCE DEI LUCRETILI Program.